Reboot survivors roll call!

Is anyone else following the DC reboot news with a view toward wondering what will happen to the company's canonically queer characters?

So far, there are three that we can be sure of: Kate Kane will appear in her own title, Batwoman (No word yet on Renee's fate; I hope she'll still be around). The other two characters who are relevant to this post are a bit more surprising. DC is using the universe-wide reboot to incorporate some of its characters from the Wildstorm imprint into the new DCU, and Apollo and the Midnighter will be appearing in Stormwatch along with Martian Manhunter.

Please feel free to add your own updates as more information gets out.
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Posting Lists on Dead Comms~

It's what I like to do! Doo dee doo!

Alright kids, I made a Top 10 list of my favorite Queer Characters. Why? Because I'm a dork mostly. And I like lists.

I would like to clarify that I'm using the term queer as a catch-all term for the LGBT spectrum.

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Comm revival powers, ACTIVATE!!!

Okay, so I was killing time on what seemed to be a bleak and dreary day, and then this post came into my life and made everything shiny again. To summarize, Mikaal Tomas, a blue alien superhero (who is either gay or bisexual or not comprehensible within human paradigms of sexuality, depending on which comics nerd you ask, which is actually a good example of the kind of thing my co-maintainer and I discussed at length when trying to decide on a name for this community), teams up with Congorilla(a guy who got turned into a gorilla) and Rex the Wonder Dog (exactly what it says on the tin) to rescue a kidnapped gorilla scientist. Part of their story was awkwardly shoved into the widely panned Cry for Justice miniseries, but editorial pressures brought the series to an end before the resolution of their mission. Their arc gets resolved in the Starman/Congorilla one shot, where, in addition to rescuing the kidnapped scientist Malavar, they also witness the return of the previously fridged gay character Tasmanian Devil. Apparently, James Robinson, the same writer who had the character apparently killed off, had intended to reveal his survival at the end of Cry for Justice, but, well, it was Cry for Justice. As a bonus, TD is actually drawn to look sort of like a Tasmanian devil this time, to the relief of comic readers who know anything about RL Australian animals. Sure, there's plenty to argue about, but comics fans, as a general rule, like to argue about comics a lot. And more than anything, this made me smile.

It's also reignited my interest in getting more superhero-related stuff in this comm. I think I'll be doing some proper posts later, but for now, have some links:

Batwoman and the Question have a fan community at Dreamwidth

The Question also has a community with her predecessor here at LJ. question_dc

Don't worry about Kate, she's got fans here too. batwoman_fans

And something for the Pied Piper fans: piper_trickster

For the Marvel lovers out there, Hulkling and Wiccan (and Hulking/Wiccan, of course!) fanworks can be found at youngavengers and ya_slash .

A Question . . .

What's the most WTF derailment of a conversation about queer characters you've ever witnessed?

For me, it would have to be the time a (young, female) friend of mine posted in a forum asking if there was a site focused on f/f fanworks, and a bunch of commenters (who knew her IRL but I guess didn't recognize her user name or something, IDEK) decided the post must be from a straight guy looking for faux-lesbian schoolgirl porn and freaked right out. And the ones who didn't freak out about it recommended a certain notorious image board that might start with a digit and end in "chan" because they liked the f/f porn there, so everybody should. And then people were thinking of the children or crying "free speech!" all over the place within a remarkably short time frame. Then the furbashing started. It was like a growth-accelerated mini-wank that was trying to contain as many internet cliches as possible.
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Hello, guys and dolls, it's your friendly co-mod posting to inform you that while NC17 rated fanworks are allowed (but please put a "Hey, sexual content don't like don't look" warning in front of it) straight up porn clips are not allowed. If what you want to post doesn't come from a movie/theatrical production (or screen play)/video game/cartoon (or anime) or any other such media it doesn't belong on this comm.

I know there have been several recent posts with video's that I haven't watched because they won't play on the school computers that I'm on and I won't be at home until much later tonight. On the slim chance that they're not straight up porn I won't delete them (if the other mod Gryphons_egg watches and deletes them I will stand by her decision to do so), but they will be deleted if they don't comply with what this comm is actually for.

If anyone has any questions then please feel free to ask. Thank you and have a nice day.

Karolina's portrayal in upcoming Runaways movie

Casting is underway for a movie based on Marvel's popular comic Runaways. The revised casting call is here

The original casting call caused fans of the comic to worry that Nico, an Asian-American character, might be whitewashed in the movie. After fan protest, the casting call was changed to specify that Nico is Asian-American.

Other troubling things about the casting call remain, including this description of Karolina: "Conventionally beautiful, with an unchecked ego" (emphasis mine). Unchecked ego? Since when? In the comics, Karolina is a canonically lesbian character who has an arc of moving from self-hate to self-acceptance. Even after she learns to love herself, she doesn't develop an out of control ego that needs to be "checked." The powers that be may have been planning to whitewash Nico before Racebending caught them. They may be planning to de-gay Karolina, and it sure looks like they're planning to derail her personality completely.